Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Windy walk!

Walked 3 miles yesterday. In the wind! Around the lake! Whoa, was it ever windy. I put my hood up, but Kenny said he was, "fine." Mmhm... Finally, he put his hood up! HE PUT HIS HOOD UP! Holy hood hair, batman! I was so proud of him. Lucky for me, Kenny doesn't even know how to turn the computer on. LOL He was a doll to walk with me, because it was miserable. Oh, no! Wearing a hood could lead to wearing a helmet. And then, he'll buy a motorcycle! What have I done???

Miles remaining: 3093

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Four miles today! Yippee! Had another surprise 1/2 day at work, so I came home and didn't think twice about it. I just changed my clothes and headed out. I'm so happy! Kenny said, "Four miles is a lot. Why don't you do three?"

"I'm doing four." I said, with a confidence I actually felt. I continued the healthy behavior with a terrific Vegan dinner, which Kenny raved about. I made oven-fried potatoes which were crispy on the outside and so potaoey inside. mmm... Then, I sauteed mushrooms and onions in a little olive oil and spooned it over a couple of Boca Vegan burgers with mustard and relish. I quartered a beautiful tomato and drizzled olive oil on it and we devoured everything! Dessert for me will be a dairy free ice-cream sandwich and Kenny will have pudding with whipped cream.

Yup, I'm terrific!
Oops...I almost forgot!
Miles remaining: 3096

Saturday, April 14, 2012

No walk Saturday:(

Didn't get to walk yesterday or today, as I had planned. Shucks! I did do a lot of eating, though.

Bad. Very bad.

The good thing is, tomorrow is another day, with another chance to walk and another chance to head farther west.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Walkin' to the beach with my sissy!

I got lucky yesterday and only had to work half a day, so I called Annie to see if she wanted to go for a walk. She did, so we walked ourselves through downtown Marblehead and over to Devereaux Beach. It was a beautiful day and the company was the best!

On my home I drove the route we took so I could gauge the mileage and it was just a tad over 3 miles. I was happy, because I didn't expect to have the time to walk yesterday. I'm going to try to find the time today, also.

Miles remaining: 3,100

Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm walkin', yes indeed and I'm talkin'...

Three miles closer to SF! Yippee! Kenny and I took a 3 mile walk today which included the hill from hell (pant), and a hike through Raddin Park. We walked against the raging wind (well, kinda raging), until we got to the woods where the trees blocked some of it. I didn't care if it was raining out, I was walking, no matter what.
I'm not too concerned about my time, I'm just trying to build a base right now. Once I have it down I'll begin looking for walker-friendly races to train for and work my up to a marathon. I can't just walk, to walk. I need a goal. When I was a runner I couldn't just run, I needed a goal. 5k, 10k, anything.
So, here's to creating my base. I figure it'll take me a good three months at the rate I'm going. Walking is out of the question for tomorrow, unless I go to the health club at 10pm. Not. When I'm away this week-end, I'll get up early and use the treadmill - maybe even go for a swim! I'll let ya know.

Miles remaining: 3,103