Friday, June 8, 2012

Walking the hard way!

Logging another five miles - a hard five miles! Kenny and I hiked through Lynn Woods today. We had walking sticks and everything - with a compass on top! I don't ever remember Lynn Woods being that big. We've mountain-biked it and cross country skied it, but today was a real work-out.
It was bright and sunny on the way in and I was talking to Lisa, on the phone, on her way home from work. We got there and Lisa said, "Keep an eye to the sky." Yeah, yeah, yeah... Well, we did get a little sprinkled on, but the sky got dark and threatening, and I did get a little worried because once we were in, we were in. It would have been a soggy hike. Anyway, it took two hours and we no sooner got home when it began to rain in earnest. Whew!
So, we were coming down the last hill when Kenny stopped short. He whispered, "Come here, come here." There was a huge deer up ahead, minding his own business, looking up occasionally, and didn't move as we came closer - video camera rolling! I can't get it to work on my laptop, though. That, alone, was worth the five mile hike!
Miles remaining: 3070