Friday, May 25, 2012

If I'm going to San Francisco...

So anyway, I may as well just say it. I HATE WALKING! I'll walk, but I don't like it and it takes a lot to get me out - which is one of the reasons I started this blog. I thought if I commit to it on a blog, I'd actually stick to it. NOT! So here's the deal. I know I'll ride my bike, so I'll do both! (I'm sure I'll bike more than I walk). And, I'll make it to the City by the Bay even sooner - maybe while I'm still young enough to enjoy it!
Yesterday I biked over to Salem Willows. The ride was great and I felt very stylish in my cute new biker chick outfit (pictured above). Driving through Salem in the middle of a week day though was such a disappointment. It was dead! Nothing going on at Pickering Wharf, nothing going on on Essex St and nothing at the Common. Sigh. So, I just continued on to the Willows. It was beautiful. I got a chop suey sandwich and sat in the sun. Ahh... When the fog rolled in, I rolled out. It was a dark, scary fog - the kind you see in English movies. Brrr... It really gave me the creeps.
So, my first solo 12-mile ride was a success and I'm planning many more! I was so happy that I got up off my butt and just did it!
Miles remaining: 3081


  1. Super cute outfit!!! And wow, 12 miles :) You rock!

  2. I agree, that is a super cute outfit!! I may come out there just to barrow it :)
    Congratulations on your walking and running!!
    Chrissyh418 from Swap-Bot